We spend a significant amount of time during our research and development phase of designing a new seat to ensure that you will end up with a cushion that will minimise pressure beneath your pelvis and ultimately allow you to maintain optimum sitting posture for extended time periods.

At PB Healthcare we know that no two people are the same. Finding the right ergonomic aid is a crucial element for maintaining great posture.

We have two main seating technologies each targeted for various users.

Gel-Teq ™
Our Gel-Teq technology is utilised on our Coccyx seating range. The use of gel has long been incorporated to specialised healthcare applications such as wheelchair cushioning. Gel Provides increased comfort, and as such it is therapeutic in pressure reduction for sitting, especially for extended time periods.


A new type of foam that offers the features of memory foam combined with the functionality of high resilience foam. VPF technology has allowed us to create a new comfort feel that wraps around your shape, whilst allowing your body heat to dissipate through the mattress. HygroTeq has the pressure relieving properties of memory foam, without the heat. It is extremely open and feels cool to touch, and will stay quite cool while sleeping, helping to regulate the micro-climate of the mattress.