Introducing the new

Slide n ' Dine

A mobile dining chair with dual controls specifically tailored for User or Carer, fitted with locking castors to ensure the chair remains in a secure location that's coupled with an easy release control for moving. Suitable for extended seating with lift-up arms for side entry/exit.

100% Australian designed and manufactured!

At PB Healthcare, we strive to maintain the highest benchmark in quality and standards.
As such, we have sourced local and international components and upholsteries to deliver the very best outcome for our clients.

“Crypton guarantees beautiful, easy-to-clean, odor-free fabric for the way we live, work, heal, and play. Simply put, we make life easier, safer, and cleaner; from the living room to the waiting room. Stain & spill-resistant to both water and oil-based stains, Crypton also offers the assurance of antimicrobial (& stain-resistant) technology permanently bonded, for the life of the fabric.” 

For further details on how Crypton® is applied to our range of products, or for a sample please contact us here.