Warranty Terms & Conditions

PB Healthcare will assess all warranty claims to ensure that products have been subject to normal ‘wear and tear’. Any claim which is adjudged to have been caused by misuse or abuse – will not be considered as a warranty repair.

All warranty claims must be returned to PB Healthcare via the distributor from where the original purchase took place, and at the cost of that distributor.

Once repaired, PB Healthcare shall return the product to the relevant distributor at the cost of PB Healthcare.

Upholsteries are not covered by PB Healthcare .

All fabrics supplied by PB Healthcare are covered by the respective warranty policy of the relevant upholstery supplier.

Any new product deemed to be faulty within 10 working days of being purchased – which needs to be returned to PB Healthcare for assessment &/or repair, shall be done so at the full cost of PB Healthcare .

We ask that you stop using the product immediately. Damage that occurs as a result of continued use of a faulty product will not be covered under warranty.